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Equipolymers is Fastest Growing PET Producer in Europe
Leading Supplier to Beverage Bottle Producers

Equipolymers is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of PET resins.

The company is a fully owned subsidiary of MEGlobal.

Equipolymers serves customers globally with production facilities in Schkopau, Germany. The company is Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and led by President and CEO Ramesh Ramachandran.

Equipolymers aims at being the preferred partner for brand-owners and other key value chain players in the PET market, through innovation-driven leadership and high-quality product standards.

Unique Strengths Equipolymers has modern technology and environmental production and works partnering with suppliers, converters and brand owners to reduce environmental impact and to increase the health of the planet.

About PET

Polyethylene terephthalate or PET has taken global packaging markets by storm. Thanks to excellent material properties like clarity, lightweight and sturdiness, it has become the material of choice for beverage bottles.

PET is a high performance material for the packaging industry and is widely used for the production of bottles for carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water, soft drinks, foodgrade vegetable oil, tea, juices, and isotonic beverages. PET is also used in the manufacture of containers for detergents, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, and for thermoforming applications. Increasing quantities of beer are sold in PET barrier bottles.

PET meets the strictest hygiene requirements for the packaging of cosmetics and foodstuffs, where product purity is paramount. It is a material with an extraordinary future, offering a unique combination of benefits throughout the value chain – from preform and bottle production, to consumers and end users.

Equipolymers Product Portfolio and Technology

Equipolymers provides a broad range of market-leading products which are sold and marketed under the trademark LIGHTER™. LIGHTER™ PET Resins are produced from PTA and MEG as the major building blocks.


While LIGHTER C polymers have been specifically designed for the production of beverage, food, and other liquid containers, they are also perfectly suitable for thermoforming applications and are recommended for the production of extruded films and sheets.

  • LIGHTER™ C88 is particularly suitable for bottling still or low carbonated mineral water.
  • LIGHTER™ C93 is suitable for the production of both mineral water and carbonated soft drinks.
  • LIGHTER™ C98 is preferred for bottles containing highly carbonated soft drinks, which require high mechanical properties and low gas permeability.


LIGHTER™ S PET provide enhanced infrared heating rates, thus improving the operation of the stretch blow molding process, either increasing the maximum output or reducing the reheat energy.

  • LIGHTER™ S93 is suitable for the production of bottles for both mineral water and carbonated soft drinks.
  • LIGHTER™ S98 is particularly suitable for the production of bottles for strongly carbonated soft drinks.

Performance Characteristics

  • Excellent transparency – its clarity enhances the presentation values of a product.
  • Tasteless – satisfying very strict regulations for packaging food and drink.
  • Lighter weight – improving margins through better transportation utilization and economics for the whole value chain (lower fuel consumption, reduced noise, and pollution).
  • Outstanding processability – allows it to be processed reliably at high speeds.
  • Good impact resistance – strong and practically unbreakable.
  • Protective barrier in both directions – acts as an effective barrier for oxygen and carbon dioxide (for sparkling beverages).
  • Design freedom – features great design flexibility.
  • 100% recyclability – can be recycled for other applications using a variety of recycling procedures.

Capacity and Facilities

Equipolymers has world-class technology and production facilities providing global reach, while enabling our customers to grow their business by providing them with consistent and reliable resin supply.

The current Equipolymers production capacity of PET is about 335.000 metric tons/year with plants in Germany:

Schkopau, Germany:

  • PET 1 facility with production capacity of 160.000 MT/year
  • PET 2 facility with production capacity of 175.000 MT/year

Equipolymers is certified ISO 9001.


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