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If you wish to send us a question, please complete the form below and click on submit or send an email to Mrs. Teresa Galardi.

You may also contact us at:

Management Office
Dubai, UAE
Bldg 5W-B-Wing, Dubai Airport Free Zone
PO Box 293615, Dubai, UAE
Tel. +971 42923926
Fax. +971 42923911

Sales Office
Milan, Italy
Equipolymers Srl
Via Patroclo 21 A
21028 Milano, Italy
Tel. +39 02 48224413
Fax. +39 0248224125

Production Facility
Schkopau, Germany
Equipolymers GmbH
Werk Schkopau
DE-06258 Schkopau, Germany
Tel. +49 3461492075
Fax. +49 3461493464


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