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The R&D Center for Equipolymers is located in Schkopau, Germany. A close relationship and cooperation among all partners -- including Manufacturing, Technical Service, Sales and Customer Service, and Supply Chain -- ensures maximum performance and success.

R&D's main areas of activity are:

PET Manufacturing Support

  • Analytical support
  • Quality management
  • Plant de-bottlenecking
  • Trouble shooting

Customer Service and Support

  • Material introduction
  • Training
  • Method development
  • Trouble shooting
  • Technical and analytical support and assistance

Product and Process Development

  • Chemical recycling
  • “Next generation PET”
  • New catalyst systems
  • Reduced AA regeneration

R&D applies its strong competencies in:

  • Analytics
  • PET processing and applications
  • Material fundamentals
  • PET synthesis
  • Material science
  • Product and process research

In addition to direct customer support, R&D lab capabilities are also available for public service -- customer and non-customer related. This can include:

  • Analytical and technical support
  • Processing tests
  • Analytical testing
  • Round-robin tests
  • Method development
  • Training

PET R&D Facility at Schkopau, Germany

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