PET is a particularly high-quality plastic for use in the packaging industry and, in particular, for the production of bottles.

  • Transparency ensures optimum product presentation

  • Low weight means that customers carry only the drink while the weight of the package is negligible

  • Strength ensures sturdy, practically unbreakable and safe packaging

PET can also meet the strictest hygiene requirements for the packaging of cosmetics and foodstuffs, where product purity is paramount. It is a material with a great future, offering a unique combination of benefits as highly economical production rates and important advantages for the consumer, thanks to its low weight and high recycling rate.

PET has excellent material properties. PET bottles are not only very light, but also very strong and practically unbreakable. As transparent as glass, PET bottles are also tasteless, satisfying very strict regulations for packaging food and drink.

EQUIPOLYMERS PET provides a protective barrier in both directions, preventing oxygen penetrating from the outside and keeping in carbon dioxide for sparkling beverages.

A further advantage is that EQUIPOLYMERS PET is 100% recyclable and discarded packaging can be re-used in other applications through a variety of recycling procedures.

Compared with glass bottles, the low weight of PET bottles means that the same amount of beverage can be transported with much less packaging weight. This results in better transport utilization and economics through the value chain, with lower fuel consumption and reduced noise and pollution.

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